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NCFNA History     

Forensic nursing became a reality in North Carolina in 1997 when a handful of nurses became SANEs. During the following three years, North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault offered six free trainings across the state. Within a few years, there were many practicing SANEs as well as a few death investigators. It soon became apparent we needed to organize in order to promote and strengthen forensic nursing in our state. In April of 2000, a group of SANEs came together and thus began the North Carolina Forensic Nurses Association (NCFNA).

From the outset, the goal was to eventually become a chapter of the IAFN. With this in mind, the nine elected officers modeled the bylaws after IAFNs so the eventual transition to a chapter would be easier. Our numbers grew and as many were already members of IAFN, it was time to become a chapter. The existing membership, non-profit status and $3000 provided a strong foundation for the establishment of a NC-IAFN chapter.